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Staff papers

Preservation of electronic information: what we should be thinking about now Abstract HTML
Colin Webb
Learning from Disasters: A Decade of Experience at the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Lydia Preiss
Reshaping the National Library's research collections Abstract HTML
Peter Haddad
The National Library of Australia’s Korean Collection and Related Matters Abstract HTML
Kenneth Wells
Developing national collections of electronic publications: issues to be considered and recommendations for future collaborative actions Abstract HTML
Jan Fullerton
Religion and rebellion in China: the London Missionary Society collection Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling
The Preservation of Internet Publications Abstract HTML
Margaret Phillips
Electronic Publications and the Survival of Information Abstract HTML
Maggie Jones
Embracing Electronic Access: Renovating Conspectus for the Digital Era Abstract HTML
Maggie Bond
Farewell my Floppy: a strategy for migration of digital information Abstract HTML
Deborah Woodyard
PADI: Preserving Access to Australian Information and Cultural Heritage in Digital Form Abstract HTML
Leanne Brandis, Jan Lyall
Connecting and Sharing: the Emerging Role of Z39.50 in Library Networks Abstract HTML
Andrew Wells, Judith Pearce, Linda Groom, Bronwyn Lee
Towards an Australian Digital Library Abstract HTML
Margaret Phillips
Guidelines for Digital Imaging Abstract PDF
Colin Webb