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Staff papers

Future Systems – Brave New World? Abstract HTML
Margaret Kennedy
Kinetica: Future Issues Abstract HTML
Andrew Wells, Julia Trainor
Serials: A Climate for Change Abstract HTML
Pam Dunlop
Developing a New Resource Sharing Infrastructure in Australia Abstract HTML
Andrew Wells, Howard Amos
Dublin Core Metadata and the Australian MetaWeb Project Abstract HTML
Debbie Campbell
From Cards to Kinetica Abstract HTML
Laurel Paton, Jenny McDonell
Kinetica: Implementation and Services Abstract HTML
Bryony De La Motte
Ephemera : is it really just nostalgic junk? Abstract HTML
Sonja Street
Back to the Future – Consolidation Services and the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Stephen Lacey
Disaster: Are You Prepared? Abstract HTML
Bronwyn Hughes
Music Collections in the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Kaye McIntyre
PANDORA - Towards a national collection of Australian electronic publications Abstract HTML
Fiona Ash Relf
A view of the Pacific : developing the Pacific collection at the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Chris Foster
National bibliography in Australia: moving into the next millenium Abstract HTML
Peter Haddad
Access to Asian Serials in Australian Libraries : Achievements and Challenges Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling
Current publishing and information trends in the Southeast Asian region: Indonesia - Freedom of the Press Abstract HTML
Oliver Mann
A window on to the world: Australian newspaper collecting in the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Amelia McKenzie
The National Library of Australia’s Rare Book and Manuscripts Collections, with special reference to the Asia-Pacific region Abstract HTML
Peter Haddad
A National Framework for the Development of Australian Subject Gateways Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
A new paradigm for access: the implications of current copyright law reform initiatives Abstract HTML
Margy Burn
Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project 1840-1845 – an update Abstract HTML
Colin Webb
Australian Subject Gateways' Information Paper for the IMesh Workshop, Warwick, UK, 2 - 4 June 1999 Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
Gateways to Australian Web Resources Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
Rare Maps Digitisation Project Abstract HTML
Maura O'Connor
National Collection of Australian Electronic Publications Abstract HTML
Jasmine Cameron
Buddhist Holdings at the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling, Tina Faulk
Digital Libraries: a National Library Perspective Abstract HTML
Warwick Cathro
International Subject Gateways: Towards a successful collaborative resource discovery mesh Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
Practical advice for preserving publications on disk Abstract PDF
Deborah Woodyard