National Library of Australia

Vol 5, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Palm Island Through a Long Lens by Joanne Watson PDF
Sarah Burnside
Empire of Political Thought: Indigenous Australians and the language of colonial government by Bruce Buchan PDF
Sarah Irving

Art, Architecture and Design

Australia: William Blandowski’s illustrated encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia by Harry Allen PDF
Alison Clark


Burn: The epic story of bushfire in Australia by Paul Collins PDF
Arthur Lucas


The Great Arch by Vicki Hastrich PDF
Sascha Jenkins


National Socialism in Oceania. A critical evaluation of its effect and aftermath edited by Emily Turner-Graham and Christine Winter PDF
Oliver Haag
Randwick by Pauline Curby PDF
Julia Horne
The High Commissioners: Australia’s representatives in the United Kingdom, 1910-2010, edited by Carl Bridge, Frank Bongiorno and David Lee PDF
W. David McIntyre

Reviews in Australian Studies