The objectives of the Corporate Services Division are to:

  • Maximise the effectiveness of services delivered to clients through the staff and other available resources
  • Provide staff with a working environment in which they may develop and make increasing contributions to the Library's objectives

Assistant Director-General

  • Ms Maureen Dupree, Corporate Services
  • Ms Hung Osborne, Divisional Support Unit / Overseas Travel Manager


Accountability and Governance Branch

  • Mr Paul Lucerne, Director
  • Ms Alissa Johnson Assistant Director 

Building and Security Services Branch

  • Ms Erin Dampney, acting Director
  • Mr Rod Paten, Assistant Director, Building Management
  • Mr Mark Straughair, Assistant Director, Security & Business Facilities
  • Mr Hugh Lennon, Assistant Director, Special Projects
  • Mr David Priddle, Assistant Director, Capital Works

Human Resources Branch

  • Ms Helen Franz, A/g Director
  • Mr Walter Stopp A/g Assistant Director
  • Ms Nicole Hinton, Assistant Director, Workplace Planning
  • Ms Carly Philip, Manager, Occupational Health & Safety

Finance Branch

  • Mr Peter Hughes, Director
  • Mr Gerry Nagel, Assistant Director