How to Search

Pioneer Birth/Death/Marriages Indexes


New South Wales—Tasmania—Victoria (1837-1888)—Western Australia [using KAware2 Software]


  1. Select one database: Births, Deaths or Marriages using arrow up/down keys to highlight one item, then press Enter.
  2. Copyright statement appears. Press <Enter>
  3. The Select menu (F3) window opens automatically. Use arrow keys to highlight Surname. Press <Enter>
  4. The Search menu window opens automatically.

Type in ‘Surname’ required (e.g. JOHNSON). Press <Enter>. **[see end for other options]. The search retrieves all registrations for people with this surname. When completed the SET LIST will be displayed showing ‘Set #1’, along with the number of Surname records found.

  1. The Select Menu window will still be present. Move arrow keys to highlight Given Name. Press <Enter>
  2. Type in ‘Given name’ (e.g. ‘Colin’ OR ‘Colin W’ ). Press <Enter>

[N.B.: It is better to type the first name only or the first name and initial only of the second name. If one doesn’t work, try the other.]. The SET LIST again appears, showing this item as Set #2, along with the number of records found.

Combining Sets [i.e. obtaining results of the first two searches by combining the Surname with the Given Name.]

  1. Press Sets key(F5) and using the arrow keys, highlight Combine Sets. Press <Enter>
  2. An option box appears asking you to Select an Operator, with the options ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not’.
  3. Select the first item: Combine with AND. Press <Enter>**[see end for other options]
  4. A Second box appears asking you to: Enter the Set #’s to be Combined.
  5. Type in ‘1’, press <Enter>
  6. Type in ‘2’, press <Enter>
  7. Press <Enter> again to combine the Sets. [i.e. the Surname and Given Name already located.]
  8. The system then asks: Enter a name for your set.
  9. You can disregard this message or type in a name. Press <Enter>
  10. The SET LIST will then show Set #3—Combine: 1 and 2, and will state how many records have been found.

To Display search results: Press the F6 key. Use left-right arrow keys to page through records. [To display previous searches, press the F5 key, move the cursor to ‘Display a Set’. Press <Enter>.]


To Print a Record: Press SHIFT and PRINT keys together.

To Print all Records: Press the F5 key, use Enter key to highlight Print a Set. Press <Enter>

The following boxes appear:

  1. Enter the number of the Set to be used (i.e. printed).
  2. Type in no. of Set (e.g. ‘3’). Press <Enter>
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight item required. Press <Enter>
  4. Choose the order you wish to print out the records and Press <Enter>
  5. Consecutive Print is already highlighted. Press <Enter>
  6. Press <Enter> again to start with first record or type in the starting record number required.
  7. Press <Enter> again .
  8. Press any key to continue. Press ESC key to return to Set List.

Saving to Disk

To EXPORT to DISK: Press the F5 key. Use arrow down key to get to highlight Export a Set. Press <Enter>

  1. Enter the number of the Set to be used, e.g. ‘3’. Press <Enter>
  2. The Export Format window appears.
  3. Select Print to Disk. Press <Enter>
  4. Export by Default Order (i.e. the order it is on the Database). Select & highlight item. Press <Enter>
  5. Select Complete Record. Press <Enter>
  6. Select Consecutive Print or One record per page. Press <Enter>
  7. The Export with what name in C:\~CDTEMP\ window appears
  8. [Type] A:\………(add a name to your file, e.g. A:\JOHNSON.txt). Press <Enter>
  9. Enter the no. of the set to be used—e.g.3. Place a NEW DISK in ‘A’ DRIVE. Press <Enter>


To EXIT one program (e.g. Births), PRESS F10 key. You are asked to type in ‘Y/N’. Type in ‘Y’. This brings you back to the Select a database window showing: 1) Births; 2) Deaths; 3) Marriages. You can then select another database (e.g. Marriages) and follow the above directions again.

To EXIT back to N.L.A. Menu. Press the F10 key

**Use the t key to tick options when a selection box drops down offering optional spellings of surnames, registration districts etc. Select ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not’ options accordingly when Combining Sets.

F2 key. It is not advisable to use the options in F2 unless you are an experienced searcher.

For more advanced searches see the booklets in the Newspaper/Microform Reading Room. Also, at the Information Desk: Australian Birth, Death & Marriage Indexes on CD-ROM: an introduction/Wendy Baker. This booklet gives more information on both types of software and search strategies.