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English Short Title Catalogue on CD-ROM, 1473-1800

Title: English Short Title Catalogue on CD-ROM, 1473-1800
Access Conditions: Only accessible in NLA Reading Rooms
Publisher: Thomson Gale in association with the British Library
Format: CD-ROM
Description: The aims of the ESTC are to provide a comprehensive bibliography of the printed output of the hand-press era, to list the whereabouts of surviving copies, and to note the existence of facsimiles. The holdings of over 2,000 libraries around the world are represented. It includes 1. All relevant items printed in the British Isles in any language; 2. All relevant items printed in Colonial America, the United States (1776-1800) and Canada; in any language; 3. All relevant items printed wholly or partly in English, or other British vernaculars, in any other part of the world. (R. C. Alston and M. J. Jannetta. Bibliography, Machine Readable Cataloguing and the ESTC, London, the British Library, 1978, p.16).
Coverage: 1473-1800
Features: IndexEntries
Topics: Book Trade

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