The Balanced Scorecard is a strategically focussed performance management system. It provides a framework that translates the Library's vision and strategy, as outlined in our Directions, into a comprehensive set of performance measures. Performance is measured in the areas of:

  • Customer
  • Stakeholder
  • Financial
  • Process
  • Learning and Growth.

The Balanced Scorecard moves the Library beyond the traditional performance measures of cost, accuracy and timeliness. Consistent with the full range of efficiency and effectiveness measures, it enables assessment of indicators such as customer and stakeholder satisfaction, relevance of the Library's services and staff skill levels.

Through the Balanced Scorecard the Library is better able to:

  • focus on implementation of strategic directions
  • focus on achieving longer term objectives
  • link strategic directions with the budget process
  • measure achievement of strategic directions

As such, it is the primary tool used to inform the Library's Council on performance and is paramount in enabling Library managers to identify areas where resources should be focussed. It provides a consistent measure of the Library's success in meeting strategic goals.