How can I access full-text newspapers online?
A range of historic Australian newspapers can be freely accessed online, watch our video to find out more.

I requested a newspaper but it didn't arrive. Where is it?
You can use the catalogue to track your requests...read more.

How do I know if you hold the year I'm looking for?
After you have searched the catalogue and clicked on a title from the results list, scroll down to the bottom of the catalogue record. Making sure that you are in the In the Library tab, view the Items/Issues Held field.

Can I get a copy of an article from a newspaper?
Yes - please view the Copying newspapers page in this guide.

Can I get newspapers on interlibrary loan?
Yes - please view the Copying newspapers page in this guide.

What can I find in a Biographical cuttings file? Can I get a copy?

The Library's biographical cuttings files contain newspaper articles about a specific person. Articles in these files were collected from the late 1960s until 2000. You can find them in the catalogue by searching for the person's name.

For example: Biographical cuttings on Sir Zelman Cowen, Governor General

Unfortunately many files in this collection only contain one or two articles, so we recommend checking via our Ask A Librarian service to find out what is in the file.

When will my local paper appear on Trove?

You can check on newspaper titles already in Trove and titles currently being digitised at the Newspaper Digitisation Program web pages.

More help on Trove digitised newspapers can be found here.

Case Study

Limit your results in Trove

A researcher is looking for articles from October 28, 1940 on Australian media coverage of the Italian invasion of Greece on that day. As many articles as possible from newspapers all over Australia are needed.

There are hundreds of articles in the Trove digitised newspapers section of Trove regarding the Italian invasion of Greece.

We can do a search a search using the term, "Italian invasion of Greece" and then used the limits on the left hand side of the results list under Decade. Drill down to limit the displayed results to those from October 1940. The results from this search can be seen here

Case Study

Newspaper not in Trove

At age 15 my wife was at the Beatles concert at The Stadium on the evening of 18th June 1964. The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday 19th June 1964 had a story about the concert. I would like to get a copy of the article for her birthday, but it is not on Trove, which only goes to 1954.

Using the database Sydney Morning Herald Archives 1955-1995 we can search articles from this newspaper which are not available on Trove. The database is only available in the National Library building, or your State Library may have a subscription.

The Sydney Morning Herald published several articles about the Beatles on Friday June 19, 1964:

Page 1: The Beatle Sound and Stadium shows birthday party for Beatle Paul, with 2 photographs
Page 3: Twisting to the Liverpool sound with 3 photographs
Page 5: photograph of Paul McCartney
Page 6: Beatles win race to safety from Fans, Paul asks about White Australia, Beatles at the stadium, Beatles back in Sydney (with photograph)

If you are interested in a copy of this paper, start with our Catalogue record for the Sydney Morning Herald. You can use our Copies Direct service to request a copy of the articles, and have them sent to you via mail or email.

To place a Copies Direct order, simply click on the Order a copy button that is located at the bottom of the catalogue record, click on Add to Cart, and complete the online order form.

Alternatively, you may be able to purchase a copy of the original Sydney Morning Herald through Paper World. Use the "Quick Search" link to find the newspapers available for 19th June 1964

Case Study

Newspaper photographs

A researcher is looking for historical images and interesting news articles of The Randwick Literary Institute.

You can search the Trove digitised newspapers for any articles of interest. It may help if you narrow your search by date and article type on the left side of the newspaper screen under Refine your results. Here you can also limit your results to illustrated articles, and illustration types. An example search for 1913 can be seen here

This article of Thursday 30 January 1913 includes a picture of "the literary institute as it will appear when completed".

This and other articles you might find are not of the best quality as they are digitised prints taken from a microfilm of the original newspaper. However it is usually possible to get better quality by purchasing an enhanced print of the article. Click on the $Buy button to the left of the article and fill in the online form. Our Copies Direct staff will try to enhance the film as much as possible before sending a pdf copy to you.

More information about Copies Direct including costs, delivery options and copyright is available at here.