Theses completed for higher research degrees (PhD, Masters or Honours) form an important body of original research. The Library does not receive a copy of every thesis presented to an Australian university, but it does have a selection and has several indexes to assist in locating Australian and overseas theses.

In most cases, a copy of a thesis is deposited in the library of the relevant university.  You can access the online catalogues of Australian university libraries through the Australian Libraries Gateway

Trove can also be used to find records of theses held in libraries in Australia. Use the Advanced Search page, and select 'Thesis' in the drop-down list for 'Format'. 

This guide contains selected print works only.

Catalogue Search Tips

To search for a thesis on a particular subject it is necessary to use an Advanced Search and combine keywords such as Dissertation or Thesis with your subject.

To browse a selection of theses, and guides to writing them, select 'Browse alphabetically' and 'subjects', then enter the terms below.  Add the country of publication if known:

Printed lists and indexes of theses can be found by using the same Browse subjects search.  Look for entries with a subheading such as Bibliography or Indexes.  For example:

Reference Collection

Guide to Microform Research Collections in the National Library of Australia. 1992.
See pp. 148-149 for an outline of the Australian and overseas theses held on microform at the National Library. Available on open access in the Newspapers and Microforms Reading Room  RX 015.947136 N277

Union List of Higher Degree Theses in Australian University Libraries. 1959+
A list of theses submitted for a higher degree at Australian universities.  The list is arranged by author, subject and keyword indexes.  Supplements covering the period 1961-1976 and 1976-1991 can also be accessed via the catalogue.