The National Library participates in a variety of social media. Each network has its own particular uses.


  • National Library blogs
  • Behind the scenes for a glimpse into the work, projects and activities at the Library
  • Exhibitions for a showcase of our exhibitions program
  • Fringe publishing, highlighting some of the more alternative collection items
  • Preservation for insights into the treatments involved in caring for the Library's collections
  • Treasures, featuring some of the unique gems of the Library's collection
  • Trove, about our revolutionary discovery experience, Trove
  • Web Archiving, covering our web archiving project, PANDORA


The Library uses our Twitter account to notify of news, relevant items from our collection and events. Trove, a discovery experience focused on Australia and Australians also has a Twitter account. It focuses on items exposed by this discovery service.


The Library uses our Facebook account to let you know about major events, activities and recent acquisitions. We post photos, videos and links to resources about the Library.


YouTube hosts videos of many of the events held at the Library, behind the scenes interviews for many of our publications and of course our famous Christmas party dance routines.


The Library records many of the talks and presentations held here. We make these available as podcasts available in nine categories so you can listen to them any time you like.


The National Library is a member of The Commons on Flickr.

Images from the Library’s collection that are part of The Commons have 'no known copyright restrictions', which means the Library is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on these works. This can be because the term of copyright for these works may have expired or that the copyright was held and waived by the National Library of Australia. A growing selection of images with no known copyright restrictions are being made available for public download through the National Library of Australia Commons on Flickr.

More information on copyright or specifically copyright in pictures can be found on the Library's website.

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