The following workflows are used by the National Library in its collection digitisation program:

  • Selection – collection managers select the collection material for digitisation, according to the guidelines within the Collection Digitisation Policy.
  • Preservation assessment – the condition of all collection materials is considered prior to digitisation; preservation treatments are undertaken by the Preservation Branch staff as required.
  • Bibliographic description – all material to be digitised is catalogued using Voyager, the local ILMS; then the records are uploaded to the Australian National Bibliographic Database (NBD) via Libraries Australia. In case of manuscript material, the ability of the existing finding aid to support the organisation and delivery of digital files is assessed and any necessary revisions are made. Where appropriate, manuscript finding aids are encoded in the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) format.
  • Persistent Identifiers – a persistent identifier (PI) is devised for each digital file prior to digital image capture; it will remain constant throughout the life of the file.
  • Digital image capture – digital images are created by either scanning the material on a flat bed scanner or photographing it with a digital camera.
  • Image processing – the resulting images are cropped and, when required, rotated in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Image upload – the master images are loaded to the Library’s Digital Object Storage System (DOSS) as uncompressed TIFF files via the Digital Collections Manager (DCM). Metadata is extracted from TIFF headers using tifftool.
  • Online delivery – derivative images (thumbnail, examination, view and print copies) are automatically generated by Image Alchemy for delivery to users through the Library’s catalogue, delivery systems and federated resource discovery services.
  • Quality assurance (QA) – QA is undertaken at several stages during the digitisation process, i.e. at digital image capture, image upload, image acquittal and when the images are first made available online.