Call for calendars!

Easter eggs are in the shops, Autumn is in the air, and the National Library is looking for calendars to add to our 2014 collection. We collect calendars that represent what it is to be Australian and need your help! Tell us your suggestions or if you have a new, unused calendar from this year that you’d like to donate, just email

Thai politics in clappers, whistles and slogans

The Thai collection at the NLA offers extraordinary resources for researchers, especially in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. In addition to items you would expect to find in a library, such as books and journals, we have been making significant progress since 2008 in building our collections of topical ephemeral materials.

Ephemeral items we now hold include bandanas, banners, masks, handbills, booklets, posters, t-shirts, clappers, whistles and similar colourful expressions of Thai polity in this era of public protest and contested political space.

Look out! She's behind you!

As an intern in the National Library this year, I expected to find myself doing ‘something’ with books, knowing little about the vast holdings of realia and ephemera the Library also holds. For the past few weeks however, I’ve been going through our PROMPT (Australian Performing Arts) collection and updating a finding aid for the ephemera associated with Aussie soap stars performing in UK pantomimes.

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