Proposals for revision of RDA

ACOC is currently preparing responses to some new proposals for revision of RDA. Current proposals and constituency responses are available on the JSC website. The proposals and responses will be discussed by the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA at its November 2012 meeting.

If you wish to provide comments on any of the proposals, please contact a member of ACOC.

Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative

The Library of Congress has announced that it has contracted with Zepheira to help accelerate the launch of the Bibliographic Framework Initiative.  A major focus of the project is to translate the MARC 21 format to a Linked Data (LD) model while retaining as much as possible the robust and beneficial aspects of the historical format.  Zepheira brings to the project extensive experience in LD technology for library applications. Further information is available on the Library of Congress website

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