DDC 22: an end and a beginning

DDC 22: an end and a beginning
Poor old Deweys
11 July 2011

Much excitement for cataloguers - we got new Deweys about a month ago and as a consequence we had to round up the old ones, DDC 22!

DDC 22 the cage 1

A bit battered, but much loved

I loved seeing them all together and thinking of their years of faithful service. We were constantly updating them with changes to numbers so they were full of loose papers, sticky tape and staples. They were scribbled on with pencil and pen. They got so chunky and full sitting on people's desks.

Lined up like soldiers!

I was using the white labels from our little printers to repair at least 2 sets I was custodian of in my time at the Library.

DDC 22!

I can see I wasn't the only one with that idea! Poor old Deweys!

Inserts ahoy!

  So here is a picture of the new Deweys. It's the begining of a new era at the Library!

DDC 23: the new deweys!

DDC 23: the new deweys!

Give me a D! Give me another D! Now give me a C!