Check out my 900 field...

Check out my 900 field...
Dedicated with love
19 July 2011

This post is about a small cataloguing convention called an institution specific note. A special note that we sometimes put on catalogue records that only relates to the copy we have in our collection (and not to any other libraries that might also have a copy of this title). A few months ago now when I was at the Canberra Zine Fair we acquired a copy of this gorgeous zine called "First world youth cultures to be addressed : Mumbai sapphire edition" by Nicholas Burns and Sam Bears. We had quite a lovely chat with the two creators as they decorated our copy – one of the adornments was a small NLA and a heart… my very generous supervisor agreed to allow me to record this in the record! Below is a screen shot of my record in progress. And this is a link to the record so you can see the end product!

'...dedicated with love...'

‘N copy signed by creators and dedicated to the National Library of Australia with love.’ Very special!