Just breathe! - zines are a challenge

Just breathe! - zines are a challenge
A cataloguers' tale of change
1 August 2011

Recently I was asked if I would move temporarily to another section.  After a very brief conversation with myself (in my head, not out loud – I’m strange but not that strange), I of course said yes.  Scared at the prospect of moving out of my comfort zone and diving into the deep end of ‘that section other there’ I bravely packed up my stuff and moved desks. Three weeks later here I am, late one afternoon,  working on one of the projects I have been set – namely the Nick Henderson Zine collection (see Henderson collection).  I’ve had a little experience cataloguing zines before in my previous section but this time round I’m really finding out what they’re all about and how utterly frustrating/delightful they can be. I love cataloguing zines for many reasons:

  • The mind boggling array of designs and content -  I am constantly amazed at the creativity demonstrated by zinesters, especially as I know I am incapable of this sort of creativity (a bit like the projects on Better Homes and Gardens really)
  • Fine tuning and growing my cataloguing skills when I come across something I’ve not dealt with before
  • The chance to play detective as I try and locate a snippet of information which can help flesh out my record and better describe the zine
  • The ‘WHAT THE’ moments
  • And finally the pure and simple love of the challenge that cataloguing zines presents! 


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