How to get your hands on the zines!

How to get your hands on the zines!
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4 August 2011

So you are reading about all these great zines in our collection and this has whetted your appetite but I can hear you asking, "How do I get to look at these zines?" I think it's time for a quick post on how the National Library operates. Firstly, the National Library is a reference library - you can use collection items in our reading rooms but not take material home. This is so the collection remains in good condition and accessible to all Australians now and into the future. Obviously books that don't go out of the Library have less chance of being lost or eaten by the dog! To view our zines in the main reading room you need to have a National Library card which allows you to request collection items for use. Once you have your card you can request items electronically using our online catalogue. The time it takes for items to be retrieved depends on where where they are housed but you can keep track of their progress via the catalogue online. The reading room has recently been totally renovated and is a pleasant place to while away some time. Apart from the Library's online catalogue the reading room provides access to: electronic resources including journals, indexes and databases, computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office suite, reference collections, photocopiers and printers and free WiFi network.

The Main Reading Room


The main reaon the National Library is collecting zines, cataloguing them and writing posts about them is that we think they are an important reflection of contemporary Australian society and culture. We are passionate about people using the collection so I hope this post inspires some people to come and visit us...did I mention we have a great coffee shop!