Zine fair 'You are here'

Zine fair 'You are here'
Part 1 of our visit to the "You Are Here" Zine Fair back in March.
22 April 2013

Canberra turned on another gorgeous Autumn day for the "You are here" festival's zine fair.  The fair was excellent and we enjoyed it muchly - even if we arrived only in time to catch the last part of the boy 'Go Go' dancers act.  Lucky for us we remembered we were there to work so we collected a great selection of zines for the National Collection.  Here is part 1 of a little photo essay of the day and of some of the zines we collected.

The folks from "A zine thing"

It was also good to catch up with the folks from 'The Sticky Institue'

Sticky People

Who were there with a table jammed packed full of goodies;

Table full of Sticky Zines

wearing their love of zines on their .... urr, hands.

Zine Love

 The bottom of the U

One of the more colourful tables

The Femme Collective gave us another colourful table.

Librarian at Work!

The folk from Urban Pancakes - a new fav

The Urban Pancake team



Same time next year!

Adios! - until next time

Love the cats

Some Cool Cats

Don't be shy about posting a comment if you recognise yourself or just were there having fun at the fair. End of Part 1.  Stay tuned for Part 2!