A project to have a look at the manga we have in the Library’s collection

Hello! I'm Nicolette, one of the current Graduates here at the National Library. I am here to learn about the National Library, and how various departments within it work. Part of the program is to give the Graduates a special project to work on. I was given a project to have a look at the manga we have in the Library's collection. It was great fun to be given this project as I studied manga at university. Yes, I studied manga like one studies Shakespeare or Austen novels. And, as a result of research for this project, I can also tell you at which universities you can study manga as a subject. Tempted anyone? My instructions for the project included assessing the manga collection, researching current trends in manga (What was that? Just let me finish this chapter...) and any ideas I had for further development of the collection. I admit, I was surprised by the amount of manga I found. In the photo, I'm holding just two of them. We have Astro Boy and Sazae-san (in English and Japanese), and many, many more. And that’s not even touching the sources we have about manga. If only I'd known about this when I was at university. This place is a gold mine for students and lecturers on manga alike! Our current collection is a good cross-section of popular series and some unusual ones (Tasmanian forestry in manga form, anyone?), with a larger collection of reference works about manga. I did leave a suggestion or two for manga we might want to obtain. Of course, the vast majority of it is in Japanese...  ;-)