Strategic priority 1: Build the nation’s memory

Aspiration Actions

Enable Australians to understand their diverse social, cultural and intellectual histories by collecting and preserving Australian publications and unpublished collections—in print and digital forms—so that they can be enjoyed by current and future generations.

Complete building the Library’s innovative digital library platform to ensure that Australia’s documentary heritage, in all forms, can be acquired, managed for long-term access, and delivered to and used by the public.

Ensure the successful implementation of legal deposit legislation for digital publications by establishing appropriate policies, systems and workflows.

Engage and communicate with Australian publishers to assist them to meet new responsibilities relating to legal deposit for digital publications.

Develop new models and tools for acquiring and managing large personal, organisational and photographic archives, in paper-based and digital forms.

Issue and implement a revised collection development policy reflecting the Library’s aims for its Australian collections in the digital environment.

Replace the Library’s integrated library management system, which underpins management of and access to the Library’s vast collections.

Replace critical storage equipment at the Library’s Parkes site as it reaches the end of its useful life, and explore longer term options to accommodate collection growth beyond 2019.

Build a rich collection of print and digital resources that enable learning, research and understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and Australia’s place in the world.

Continue to develop and strengthen the Library’s Asian and Pacific collections through the operation of its Jakarta office, collecting field trips to Pacific countries and an active collecting program covering East and South-East Asia.

Issue and implement a revised collection development policy reflecting the Library’s aims for its Overseas, Asian and Pacific collections in the digital environment.