The Library’s aspirations for 2016-2020 are grouped under overarching strategic priorities:

Strategic Priority 1: Build the nation’s memory

  • Enable Australians to understand their diverse social, cultural and intellectual histories by collecting, describing and preserving Australian publications and unpublished collections—in print and digital forms—so that they can be enjoyed by current and future generations.
  • Build a rich collection of print and digital resources that enable learning, research and understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and Australia’s place in the world.

Strategic Priority 2: Make access happen

  • Transform Australian lives by connecting communities to their national collection through vibrant onsite and online programs and services, developed with strategic partners and harnessing new opportunities in the digital environment.
  • Build respectful relationships with Indigenous communities and connect them with collections relating to their rich cultural heritage.
  • Facilitate and participate in the creation of new knowledge and works of imagination.

Strategic Priority 3: Lead, partner, connect and excel

  • Create value for library services and their patrons—across all jurisdictions, regions and sectors—by managing the research infrastructure that underpins access to the nation’s library collections.
  • Extend this value to the gallery, archives, museum and research sectors through sustainable collaboration enhancing access to, use of and engagement with Australia’s cultural and research collections.
  • Engage with international leaders—individuals and organisations—to advance common aims, and to share the Library’s experience as a leader in many digital library spheres.
  • Improve understanding and articulation of the Library’s impact and value to the Australian economy and the wellbeing of Australian citizens.
  • Innovate and diversify funding sources, both government and private, by clearly identifying shared values and opportunities for potential partners, delivering high quality outcomes, and applying rigorous resource management.
  • Strengthen the capabilities and resilience of the Library’s staff and nurture their imagination and passion to achieve the Library’s vision.
  • Build on the Library’s excellent record of improving environmental performance associated with storing, maintaining and providing access to a major national asset.