Strategic priority 3: Lead, partner, connect and excel

Actions in bold ;below will be a focus for the Library in 2016-2017.

Aspiration Actions

Create value for library services and their patrons—across all jurisdictions, regions and sectors—by managing the research infrastructure that underpins access to the nation’s library collections.

Leverage new provisioning and business model opportunities for Libraries Australia in a cloud-dominated library systems environment.

With National and State Libraries Australasia, investigate the feasibility of shared digital library infrastructure, especially to facilitate a national approach to e-legal deposit and collaborative archiving of government websites.

Extend this value to the gallery, archives, museum and research sectors through sustainable collaboration enhancing access to, use of and engagement with Australia’s cultural and research collections.

Explore and implement a road map and funding model to extend the Trove contributor base to further encompass gallery, library, archives, museum, research and government organisations whose digital collections are not available through the national discovery service.

Seek opportunities to enhance Trove services, especially those that support others to engage with, build on and share digital content across multiple platforms, major social media channels, third party websites and market-developed apps.

Engage with international leaders—individuals and organisations—to advance common aims, and to share the Library’s experience as a leader in many digital library spheres.

Lead a collaboration with The National Archives (United Kingdom), the State Library of New South Wales and a commercial partner to digitise the 10,000 microfilm reels made under the Australian Joint Copying Project, 1948–1993, to ensure this significant research resource remains accessible to future users.

Contribute to international initiatives to develop transcription software based on machine reading of digitised manuscript texts.

Participate in international collaborations that focus on standards and practices that make it easy for people everywhere to find, use and build on our collections.

Improve understanding and articulation of the Library’s impact and value to the Australian economy and the wellbeing of Australian citizens.

Assess and implement models for understanding and measuring the social, economic and cultural impacts of the Library’s services, especially digital services that reach Australians from many communities.

Articulate the case for digital infrastructure investment in Trove, reflecting its radical transformation of Australians' access to their culture and the research potential that further investment could unleash.

Assess the relative value of the Library’s diverse programs and use this knowledge to rebalance investment.

Partner with the Friends of the National Library to build relationships in the broader community and create greater awareness of the Library and its resources and services.

Innovate and diversify funding sources, both government and private, by clearly identifying shared values and opportunities for potential partners, delivering high quality outcomes, and applying rigorous resource management.

With the assistance of Council and the Foundation Board, sustain the Library’s giving community and develop new approaches to attracting personal, philanthropic and commercial giving.

Develop our capability to identify and model business and revenue generation opportunities.

Build on sound governance arrangements and effective resource management so that the Australian Government, partners and community are assured that their investment is well managed.

Implement the Library’s revised performance management and evaluation framework and systems.

Establish the arrangements that best position the Library in the emerging contestability and common services environment.

Pursue the use of outsourced and cloud services to reduce costs, lift productivity and develop more robust and scalable online services.

Strengthen the capabilities and resilience of the Library’s staff and nurture their imagination and passion to achieve the Library’s vision.

Build workforce capability in the priority areas of advanced digital expertise, leadership, communication and business acumen.

Build and capitalise on deep staff knowledge of the Library’s rich and diverse collection, in both digital and physical forms.

Cultivate, evaluate and harness innovative ideas from staff and communicate successes.

Support a healthy and safe workplace culture by maintaining awareness and training, and developing tools to better manage risks and prevent incidents.

Build on the Library’s excellent record of improving environmental performance associated with storing, maintaining and providing access to a major national asset.

Continue rigorous programs to test the viability of reducing energy use while refining and maintaining environmental parameters required for optimal collection storage.

Reduce the Library’s energy and waste footprint, carefully assessing return on investment for each improvement project.