National Library of Australia 2030

The National Library is charged with preserving the nation’s memory for future generations. Over the next decade, we seek to strengthen and consolidate the Library’s national leadership position to achieve this mission. Over this period, we will implement a range of strategies and plans that underpin the priorities and actions articulated in our four-year Corporate Plan.

Our Collection Strategy and Collection Development Policy articulate the Library’s collecting principles and priorities. They make it clear that we will build a diverse national collection representative of our rich multicultural society, through nurturing long-term community relationships. Overseas collecting, including from Asia, will reduce over this period.

Our Communications and Digital Community Strategy will inform and guide our engagement with Australian communities, researchers, scholars, and stakeholders― whether in physical or digital spaces.

Our Trove 2030 Collaborative Strategy will guide our work with partners to provide digital access to Australian collections for metropolitan, regional and remote communities. Complementing this work, a Digital Access to Collections Strategy is being developed to guide the Library’s digitisation priorities so as to serve the broadest possible cross-section of Australian society.

Funding raised under the Library’s ambitious ten-year Philanthropy Strategy, supported by substantial government seed funding, will accelerate digitisation of Australia’s cultural heritage so that more Australians have more digital access to more collections by 2030.

Our Collection Storage Masterplan 2019–25 is the foundation document for preserving one of our nation’s most important assets―our national collection. From 2025 the Library will need more storage space to house and protect its physical collection, which grows at a rate of 2.5 linear kilometres each year.

Our Technology Infrastructure Strategic Plan and Technology Roadmap will position the Library to meet Australians’ future needs by developing critical digital storage infrastructure. We need to accommodate the increasing volume and complexity of digital materials, including social media, apps and internet sites created and used by Australians everywhere, every day.

We are simultaneously developing a ten-year National Culture Cloud Strategy that has the potential to combine new funding with the Library’s past investment in Trove to radically transform Australians’ access to digital collections.

The Library has undertaken a comprehensive restructure process in 2019–20. Over the life of this Corporate Plan, we will implement our Blueprint organisational design to bring our 2030 strategic aspirations to life.