National Library of Australia

About us

The Australian Committee on Cataloguing (ACOC) is a joint Australian Library and Information Association–National Library of Australia committee charged with monitoring and influencing developments in national and international cataloguing and classification.

The Committee does this by:

  • communicating and disseminating developments in international cataloguing and classification to Australian librarians through publications, meetings and other forums
  • representing Australian views on international cataloguing and classification by seeking and encouraging comment from Australian librarians
  • as a joint author of Resource Description and Access, selecting and briefing the Australian delegate to the RDA Steering Committee (RSC)
  • presenting the Australian viewpoint to international committees and organisations, e.g. to select and brief the Australian representative on the Dewey Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee.The Australian representative provides ACOC with reports of the EPC meetings and also invites comments from Australian Dewey users on Exhibits proposing changes to DDC and provides information on updates and enhancements to DDC and Webdewey.

The Committee also supports professional development by: