The Australian Newspaper Plan (ANPlan) is a collaboration established by the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) through which the Australian national, state and territory libraries are comprehensively collecting, preserving and providing access to Australian newspapers. The National Library of Australia (NLA) coordinates the Plan. The National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ) has observer status.

This report describes progress with ANPlan in 2013/14. The achievements of ANPlan are evaluated against a set of Key Indicators and the goals set out in ANPlan’s Five Year Plan, July 2010 - June 2015 (Appendix A)

Summary of progress

Significant achievements for 2013/14 include:

  • six significant newspaper finds (Key Indicator 1);

  • activity in the area of identifying missing newspapers, or newspapers with significant portions missing (Key Indicator 2; Five Year Plan);
  • a substantial increase in the number of digitised newspapers being made accessible on Trove (Key Indicator 5; Five Year Plan);
  • the completion of a project to transfer microfilm masters from the University of New England to the State Library of New South Wales (SLNSW) and replacing half of these reels with polyester reels. (Key Indicator 6; Five Year Plan) ;
  • the development of the Trove blog has enabled further publicity of ANPlan;
  • Major digitisation projects at the SLNSW (100 titles) and the State Library of Victoria (SLV) (97 titles) have contributed a total of 233 new titles to Trove this year.