Publicity and Outreach

During 2014/15 there was no central campaign to locate missing issues of newspapers. It was decided by ANPlan members during the Review that each Library would manage their own outreach for this activity.

Reports from ANPlan members on their publicity and outreach are below:


Jerelynn Brown presented a paper at the NSW Public Libraries Conference, A fortunate life Mudgee, NSW 11-14 November 2014 called "Libraries reflecting communities: digitising NSW newspapers.

Two entries on the Our Stories blog have featured work with newspapers. See Digitising Newspapers and The SLV Paper Run


SLQ promotes search and rescue on a dedicated newspaper page on SLQ’s website. It is also promoted via public lectures, the Local Studies Discussion list set up to communicate with the local studies community in libraries in Queensland, and historical societies .  All Search & Rescue enquiries are responded to. Blog stories are written to promote new Queensland content as released and digitised newspapers are often referred to and linked to as sources of information in blog stories on various topics.

In addition SLQ has highlighted the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program at all of the digitisation workshops held at SLQ and regionally this year. Manager of Published Content, Sharon Nolan, promoted the Trove contributor model to visiting public library groups at focused digitisation workshop sessions and subsequently to representative groups from interested libraries. This advocacy resulted in newspaper digitisation projects being undertaken by Gold Coast, Cassowary Coast and Redlands library services.  The contributor model was also promoted to community and public library audiences in a dedicated session of the Selection to Discovery regional workshops held in March 2015 and to QANZAC workshop audiences. The Newspaper Digitisation Program is publicised in SLQ’s online Digitisation Toolkit


A feature 'Wanted: South Australia's missing newspapers' was published in the Winter 2014 edition of SLSA's electronic newsletter.

A public workshop on using newspaper content in Trove, with focus on researching the history of fashion in Australia, was held on 12 November 2014 in conjunction with an exhibition.


Several entries on the Australiana blog, 'Such was life', featured links to Trove content. A blog, 'The SLV paper run' showed the journey of a daily newspaper- from entering the building to sitting in the Reading Room. Several 'Newsworthy' workshops free to the public were run during the year.

Newspaper Librarian Paul Dee conducted a 5 minute tour of the Newspaper Room, streamed online via the app. 'Periscope'.


Notices of digitised newspapers were placed on WA Public Library network throughout the year.


Conclusion of Five Year Plan and the next workplan

This is the final annual report which will be based on the ANPlan five year plan 2010-2015. The implementation of this plan has enabled significant achievements in each ANPlan partner library in the way newspaper collections are stored, managed and accessed. The amount of microfilming being undertaken has decreased over the past five years as the number of titles waiting to be microfilmed decreases. Some state and territory libraries have already moved towards digitisation as their reformatting strategy and it is expected this will become more widespread over the next three years.

To help shape the future of ANPlan, at the August 2014 meeting, ANPlan members decided to carry out a review of the program .

A small working group was formed to carry out the review and during January 2015 representatives from each ANPlan library, and also the National Library of New Zealand as an observer to the group, were asked a series of questions about the success of the program. The ANPlan Review Report, including a draft three year plan (2015-2018), was considered by the April 2015 face-to-face meeting and subsequently at the July 2015 National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) CEO meeting.

The ANPlan Review found:

  • The program has been very successful in providing support and resources to state and territory libraries to ensure that print newspapers are collected, preserved and available for access.
  • All members feel that digital newspapers, in all their forms, must now be the focus of future activities. Current changes in the newspaper publishing industry mean that the imperative to collect digital newspapers is becoming critical.
  • Most libraries are considering moving away from the established preservation strategy of microfilming to the newer strategy of digitisation. Not all ANPlan libraries agree on whether digitisation achieves preservation of the newspaper. Standards in this environment should be developed and documented by ANPlan.
  • In the existing environment of limited resources no other ANPlan partners are in a position to take on the coordination of ANPlan and prefer the National Library of Australia to continue in this role.
  • A shorter, three year plan would be appropriate, focussing on the collecting and preservation of newspapers in the digital environment. ANPlan’s relationship with NSLA and the projects they are overseeing may impact on ANPlan’s work in the near future.

At their July 2015 meeting NSLA CEOs supported the findings from the review and the broad direction of the draft three-year workplan to focus on the collection and preservation of digital newspapers in all their forms. It was recognised that central support for digital collections, including newspapers, was imperative for Australian libraries. Several NSLA projects will be working in this area of development and will inform ANPlan work in the future. The draft three-year plan for 2015-18 is attached at Appendix G and will be finalised in November 2015.