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North China Daily News Online

Published, with a wartime break 1941-45, from 1864 to 1950, the North-China Daily News (in Chinese: Zilin Xibao), was the most influential foreign daily in East Asia, and the key source for the history of Western interests in China and the transnational history of East Asia. Published here in full colour 300 ppi scans from original issues and grayscale, this collection offers a greatly expanded run of the Daily edition from 1869-1949. There are unique holdings of The North-China Sunday News Magazine, the Sunday Magazine Supplements and Special Supplements, a significant collection of the weekly Municipal Gazette, organ of the Shanghai Municipal Council from 1908-1940, and a selection of rare books from the imprint of the North-China Daily News and its parent, the North-China Herald.
Chinese newspapers, China, Shanghai, Asia studies newspapers

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