How we can answer your question

Our Ask a Librarian service helps you to find information and provides guidance for using our collections. We also suggest research tools, relevant resources, and advise on a research strategy. If we can't help we will recommend someone who can.

How we can help  

We answer enquiries online, in person, by phone and mail.

We spend up to 10 minutes answering questions on the phone. If your question can't be answered in this time we suggest submitting an enquiry online or by mail. We can spend up to one hour researching your written enquiry. If it involves longer than 1 hour of research you may need to hire a private researcher.

Most enquiries are answered within a few days, however complex and special collection enquiries may take 1 week or longer. 

We are not able to give advice on legal, financial or health matters and we can't provide answers to assignments and quizzes.
To help us find the most relevant answer to your enquiry, please provide as much accurate and concise information as possible.

Who we can help

  • Australian residents
  • anyone wishing to access information relating to Australia
  • anyone wishing to access information which is unique to our collections
To ensure we can assist everyone asking for our help, we reserve the right to limit the number of responses we provide to repeat enquiries from the same person.
More information is available in our Information and Research Policy.