Before submitting this form read about ISSNs.

ISSNs are only issued to ongoing serial publications, which are intended to continue indefinitely. If your publication is a one-off (i.e. a book) or a finite series contact the ISBN Agency.

If you need to speak to us, contact the Agency on +61 2 6262 1213. Leave a message and we will return your call Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.

Your application will be assessed by Agency staff and, if eligible, an ISSN will be assigned within 10 working days.

1. Publisher details
Enter the details for the company or organisation publishing the serial.
2. Contact details
Enter your details.
ISSNs will be emailed to this contact address.
3. Title of serial publication
Give the title exactly as it appears on the title page. If there is no title page take the title from the title screen, cover or masthead. If the title includes a date, name, number etc. that varies from issue to issue, this date, name, number etc. is omitted from the title. For example: 2015 Annual Report is recorded as Annual Report.
4. Date and numbering of the publication's first issue
ISSNs are assigned no more than three months ahead of publication of the first issue.
If already published select the date of publication of the first issue. Sequential designation from the date of first publication helps readers and libraries identify your publication.
An established numbering system helps readers and libraries keep track of your publication and identify if an issue has been missed (for example Vol. 1, no. 1; Issue 1; No. 1/2015).
5. Frequency of publication
Frequency must be regular intervals. Adhoc or irregular publications are not eligible for an ISSN.
6. Format(s) of publication
If you are applying for more than one format, indicate all formats - for example, print and online/digital. Online/digital is used for all remote electronic delivery versions - for example, PDF, ePub, Mobi, iTunes.
For print publications, provide a copy of the cover, title page and editorial page showing the name and address of the publisher. For physical electronic publications, provide a sample or copy of the label affixed on the disc or container with the name and address of the publisher.
For electronic online/digital publications, the first issue must be available prior to allocation; please provide the URL for access to the serial site (not a specific issue). If your publication is under embargo or access is via subscription or email, a PDF copy of the issue or PDF cover and contents pages is required; please upload the required file.
7. Additional formats
Complete this section if the existing format will continue to be published simultaneously with the new format. If the existing format is being replaced by the new format, go to section 8.
8. Changing the publication title
If this publication was formerly published under a different title, please complete the following:
9. Changing the publication format
If this publication was formerly published in a different format, for example the format is changing from print to online/digital, complete the following:
Title of the existing publication.