PRO Digitisation

updated 10th October 2019

The following is a selected list of recent digitisation, highlighting only major collections. A full list of digitised content is available on the AJCP Portal.

CO 11. Colonial Office. Australia: Memoranda, 1845 - 1858.
 Miscellaneous drafts and memoranda, etc. received from Australia relating to a range of subjects including the Australian Agricultural Company, the occupation of Crown lands, ecclesiastical establishments and Moreton Bay. 

CO 207. Colonial Office. New South Wales: Entry Books Relating to Convicts, 1788 – 1868
including alphabetical lists of convicts 1788-1825, 1840-1849, saving books of convicts 1824-1868, and letters of Superintendent of Convicts 1824-1827, 1854-1867

CO 280. Tasmania: Original correspondence (Secretary of State), 1824 – 1900
Correspondence relating to Tasmania, including some with the Van Diemen's Land Company and the Australian Agricultural Company

CO 396. Colonial Office:  South Australia: Entry Books of correspondence, 1834 - 1873

CO 424. Colonial Office: Queensland: Register of Incoming Correspondence, 1859 – 1900

DO 115. Dominions Office: Dominions (Australia), 1928 - 1936.
Classified correspondence regarding the Australian constitution sent by the Australian States

FO 58. Foreign Office: Correspondence. Pacific Islands, 1824 - 1905

FO 64. Correspondence. Prussia and Germany, 1870 – 1905
Correspondence dealing with Australia and New Zealand and proposed annexations and general colonial interests of Great Britain, Germany and other European powers in New Guinea, Samoa and elsewhere in the Pacific.

FO 608. Peace Conference of 1919-1920. Original correspondence, 1919
includes correspondence and papers of the British delegation at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919

HO 16. Home Office: Old Bailey Sessions, 1815 – 1849.
Prisoners committed for trial at the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery for the City of London and County of Middlesex.

HO 29. Home Office:  Correspondence and Papers. Admiralty, Entry Books, 1779 - 1826.
Out-letters, warrants and instructions to the Admiralty, concerned mainly with the Admiralty's part in transporting convicts

MT 32. Admiralty Transport Department. Surgeon superintendents' journals of convict ships, 1858 – 1867
Surgeon Superintendents' Journals of Convict Ships: lists of names, details of diet and medical reports for the following ships transporting convicts to Australia: Lord Raglan, Lincelles, Norwood, Merchantman, Clyde, Clara, Racehorse, Vimeira, Corona.

PRO 30/22. Papers of Lord John Russell, 1835 - 1875.
Letters and memoranda on convicts and transportation, the appointment of Governors and other colonial appointments, self-government for the Australian colonies, British interests in the Pacific.

WO 4. War Office. Out-letters. Secretary-at-War, 1789 - 1853

M Series Digitisation

Updated 15th October 2019

The following is a selected list of recent digitisation, highlighting only major collections. A full list of digitised content is available on the AJCP Portal.

M722. Journal of Captain James Cook.
​​​​​​Kept on HMS Resolution on his second voyage to the Pacific, 1772-1775.

M976. Papers of Thomas Spring Rice.
Relating to Irish emigration, and emigration generally, 1831-57

M1101-M1113. P.W. Flower and Company

M1176. Hertfordshire Record Office.
Includes Quarter Sessions Records 1797-1841 including lists of convicts transported from Hertfordshire

M1551-M1556, M1864-M1876. Records of the Church of Scotland.
Church of Scotland Foreign Mission Committee; Bombay Corresponding board; Women's Association for Foreign Missions; Colonial Committee; United Presbyterian Church Foreign Mission Committee; treasurers; mission board; Free Church of Scotland Foreign Mission and Colonial Committees and United Free Church of Scotland Colonial, Continental and Jewish committee. Also includes correspondence from missionaries in Jalna and concerning the New Hebrides mission.

M1878-M1886. Papers of Sir Robert Peel.
Correspondence and official papers. Subjects include: transportation of convicts to Australia; assisted emigration to Australia; shortage of labour in New South Wales; Maori War; Javanese sugar; New Zealand Company; Borneo; French activities in the Pacific; and expulsion of missionaries from Tahiti.

M2291-M2314. Collections held by the Fawcett Library.
Female suffrage, emancipation and women's movement in Australia and New Zealand

M2581-M2586. Papers of Ellis Ashmead Bartlett
Papers relating to Gallipoli and Bartlett's visit to Australia, New Zealand and America in 1916