• Over 15million digitised newspaper pages from over 700 newspapers are now being made accessible through Digitised newspapers on Trove. These include five non-English language Australian newspapers.
  • A significant number of newspapers are being digitised through the generous sponsorship of libraries, historical societies and other organisations through the contributor model
  • ANPlan libraries are currently embracing the challenge of collecting digital newspapers and managing them for permanent access.
  • Many Australian newspapers are being microfilmed, ensuring that they are accessible for future readers and old, unstable newspaper microfilm is being replaced with polyester film.
  • ANPlan libraries are cataloguing newspaper microform titles onto the national bibliographic database according to the microform cataloguing guidelines developed by these libraries.
  • ANPlan libraries continue to raise awareness of libraries' role in collecting, preserving and providing access to newspapers through tours and education sessions..

For further details, see Australian Newspaper Plan: preserving for permanent access Annual Report 2013/14, October 2014 on this website.

Last updated: 03/11/2015