Key Indicator 1: Newspapers found

ANPlan libraries report 11 significant newspaper finds in 2012/13. These are listed in Appendix B.

Key Indicator 2: Missing newspapers

Numbers of newspapers which are known to be entirely missing[1] and which have significant portions missing[2] are summarised in the table below:

No. newspapers










entirely missing








not known


with significant portions missing








not known


The titles of newspapers which are known to be missing or have missing portions are published on ANPlan’s website at:

ANPlan libraries reported 20 new newspapers commencing publication from July 2012 to June 2013 (this included one newspaper with a changed title); and 42 newspapers ceasing publication (this included one newspaper with a changed title). Both these numbers are somewhat higher than last year (eight commencing newspapers and four ceasing newspapers reported). The titles of these newspapers are given in Appendix C.

Five Year Plan reporting: A goal of the Five Year Plan (2010-2015; Appendix A of this report) is to identify all Australian newspapers which are entirely missing, in any format, from the national collection held within the ANPlan libraries, or for which substantial portions are missing. In 2012/13, the SLV started an evaluation of Victorian newspapers to check for any additional titles that are missing or have significant gaps. It is envisaged that this information will be helpful for future ‘search and rescue’ campaigns to find missing newspapers.

Key Indicator 3: Digital collecting

The Northern Territory Library (NTL) is collecting and managing for permanent access three digital newspapers not associated with a printed version. Pre-press files used for the production of 16 printed newspapers are collected and preserved by LINC Tasmania (LTas), NTL and the State Library of South Australia (SLSA). These digital newspapers are listed in Appendix D of this report. Access to these newspapers is generally online through the library’s website but is, in the case of the Port Lincoln Times, being provided through microfilm produced from the electronic file.

Five Year Plan reporting: A new goal added to the Five Year Plan (2010-2015) this year is to investigate the technical and access issues associated with collecting the following two categories of Australian digital newspapers, for both their full-text content and the ‘look and feel’:

  1. digital newspapers which are not associated with a printed version
  2. pre-press digital files used for the production of hard copy newspapers;

and keeping a ‘watching brief’ on those categories of Australian digital newspapers and news material which are not currently being addressed through ANPlan.

Progress has included developing a list of digital newspapers of the type described under (a.) above (see Five Year Plan in Appendix A of this report). The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) has prepared a draft business proposal for its executive to consider which concerns the deposit of pre-press digital newspapers with the SLQ and the provision of access to them. Once approved, it is planned to submit this proposal to a Queensland newspaper publisher.

[1] Missing newspapers are ones which are missing from all ANPlan libraries both in hard copy and microfilm format.

[2] A ‘significant’ portion is not generally defined by the amount of material which is missing but by its significance to the total collection. The SLNSW has reported titles which have more than 20 missing years missing.

[3] Newspapers which are national in scope, coverage and distribution which the National Library of Australia has assumed responsibility for are: Australian, Australian Financial Review, National Times, Nation Review and Independent Monthly.

[4] Three further missing South Australian newspapers were discovered this year.