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Key Indicator 1: Newspapers found

ANPlan libraries report 7 significant newspaper finds in 2011/12. These are listed in Appendix B.

Over 2011/12, a major newspaper related project was undertaken at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) when the Queensland Parliamentary Library (QPL) donated 110 linear metres of Queensland newspapers to SLQ. The collection, containing 22 titles, in various states of condition and completeness, was assessed with a focus on finding issues missing from the SLQ collection and/or replacing bound SLQ volumes with the QPL equivalent if in better condition. Sixty-six percent of the volumes were integrated into the SLQ collection over eight months.

In Tasmania, the Mercury moved from its premises in Macquarie Street to smaller offices in Salamanca resulting in the closure of its library. Staff from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) worked with the Mercury's library staff during early 2012 to identify material for transfer to TAHO. This transfer—which included card indexes, subject files, and original photographs as well as selected hard copy newspapers—was completed in July 2012.

Key Indicator 2: Missing newspapers

Numbers of newspapers which are known to be entirely missing[1] and which have significant portions missing[2]

entirely missing02not known393300not known0
with significant portions missing>10>1091036204not known0


The titles of newspapers which are known to be missing or have missing portions are published on ANPlan’s website.

ANPlan libraries reported 8 new newspapers commencing publication from July 2011 to June 2012 (this included 3 changed titles); and 4 newspapers ceasing publication. The titles of these newspapers are given in Appendix C.

[1] Missing newspapers are ones which are missing from all ANPlan libraries both in hard copy and microfilm format.

[2] A ‘significant’ portion is not generally defined by the amount of material which is missing but by its significance to the total collection. The SLNSW has reported titles which have more than 20 missing years.

[3] Newspapers which are national in scope, coverage and distribution which the National Library of Australia has assumed responsibility for are: Australian, Australian Financial Review, National Times, Nation Review and Independent Monthly.