Investigation of the issues associated with collecting pre-press electronic versions of Australian newspapers as a preservation/access strategy including the cost-effectiveness of this strategy.

The SLSA developed a funding bid, Stop Press! Collaborating with newspaper publishers to preserve access to South Australia's contemporary newspapers in the digital age that was forwarded to SLSA's lead agency in October 2011. While funding has not been forthcoming to date, the exercise raised awareness and support for this activity within SLSA and the Library’s Reformatting Coordinator, Lindy Bohrnsen, will visit Singapore in August 2012 to view and evaluate competing brands of Microfilm Archive Writers being used in cultural institutions.

The SLQ met with a major Queensland newspaper publisher to discuss opportunities for the deposit of pre-press digital newspapers. A business case, including a benefits and cost benefit analysis, is now being developed to clarify a proposal to the publisher.

Working through networks with public libraries to raise awareness of and knowledge about ANPlan, including how to contribute to the ANDP. Facilitating contributions from local libraries and organisations to the service, as outlined in the Contributor Guidelines and raising awareness of funding strategies that may be available for newspaper digitisation projects.

The NLA continues to provide updates on newspaper titles which have been newly digitised through the ANDP to various types of libraries including public and university libraries, historical societies, museums, family history and local studies groups via the ANPlan libraries’ networks and other channels of distribution. These updates identify contributed titles and contributors.

Many of the ANPlan libraries continue to provide vital support for ANPlan and the ANDP by liaising, especially with their public libraries, on newspaper digitisation enquiries and supporting the program by providing advice and assistance to contributors. The SLNSW has provided advice and support to Bourke, Gilgandra, Kiama and Orange public libraries which received Country Libraries Fund grants for newspaper digitisation.


ANPlan meetings were held in November 2011 and in June 2012 (by teleconference).


General publicity about ANPlan libraries’ role in collecting, preserving and providing access to newspapers has been through the libraries’ distribution of publicity material, talks, presentations, media releases, interviews and reports.

In addition to providing email updates on newly digitised newspaper titles through a variety of distribution channels, the NLA also contributes items about newspapers recently added to Trove through the Library’s monthly eNews.

In association with Communications and Marketing at the NLA, the following publicity and communication activities were undertaken regarding the digitisation of community language newspapers:

  • a snippet about the community language newspapers was included in the Library's June eNews;
  • a media release from the NLA was issued on 15 June and sent to some IT journalists, SBS and other contacts. Wan Wong attended interviews with ABC and SBS. Numerous mentions and re-tweets from the original NLA tweet were recorded;
  • a news item about community language newspapers was included on the Library's home page;
  • publicity was also delivered via email through the ANPlan network, to public, university and other libraries, and museum, family history, historical society and local history groups as well as selected multicultural groups and through the Trove network;
  • correspondence with two Flinders university academics and the Archivist at Lutheran Archives in South Australia (contacts provided by the SLSA) regarding the German-language newspapers.

The NLA’s publicity and communication activities resulted in:

  • a story in the Media section of The Australian Monday 18 June;
  • mentions on ABC Radio bulletins over the weekend of 16-17 June;
  • an SBS interview podcast.


Other publicity included:

At the SLNSW, the Lifelong Learning Workshop, 'Reading yesterday's news' is regularly run to provide clients with hands-on research skills on searching newspapers in the SLNSW catalogue and in Trove. Jerelynn Brown’s paper, 'Tabloids in the State Library of NSW collection: a reflection of life in Australia', was published in the Australian journal of communication, Vol. 38 (2) 2011.

The Dawn: a journal for Australian women (1888-1905) from the Library’s collection was digitised and made available via Trove to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March 2012.

Search and rescure campaign

The NLA and other ANPlan libraries continue to receive enquiries and offers of newspaper material from members of the public.

The 2011-12 Marketing strategy for ANPlan at the SLSA focused on missing newspapers, and in particular early South Australian newspapers published in languages other than English. The key activity was a presentation by Professor Dr.  George Karanakis (Charles Sturt University). This presentation was  a collaboration between SLSA and the Adelaide Hellenic Cultural Festival – Odyssey Festival (5-22 October 2011). The following promotional activities supported the presentation on 18 October at the Olympic Hall in Adelaide:

  • media release: distributed through all SA media channels state-wide;
  • flyer: produced as hand-out at the presentation;
  • event details with supporting information on the significance of the Oceanis Newspaper and early history of the Greek Press and publishing in SA were published in the Odyssey Festival official program;
  • Odyssey Festival program distributed throughout festivals and Greek Community channels;
  • supporting Presentation: Director of SLSA Alan Smith on the value of newspaper preservation.

The SLQ promotes Search and rescue via the Local Studies Discussion list set up to communicate with the local studies community in libraries in Queensland. Posters and flyers requesting the donation of old and significant newspapers continue to be displayed.

The NTL continues to display posters and flyers requesting the donation of historic newspapers. The Historical Society of the Northern Territory included the Missing newspapers flyer in their newsletter.


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