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Untitled DocumenKey Indicator 3: Microfilming

The percentage of their state/territory’s hard copy newspaper titles which ANPlan libraries estimate they have been able to microfilm ranges from 45 to 97% across those states/territories reporting. Over the past year, this estimated percentage has risen most markedly for SA (from 62 to 79%) and ACT (from 62 to 80%) newspapers, with a small increase reported for NSW newspapers. This is the first year that data has been collected for Victorian newspapers. The percentage of these microfilmed newspapers which have been filmed to current preservation standards[1] is very high for most states and territories. The standard of filming of the national newspapers is not known (because portions were completed before 1985 when current standards were widely adopted); however, a project to investigate the standard of microfilming is planned for 2012/13.

A list of Australian newspaper titles microfilmed in 2011/12 is given in Appendix D.

Australian Newspaper Plan - Key Indicator 3 Graph 1

Key Indicator 3 Graph 1: Percentage of hard copy newspaper titles which have been microfilmed
% microfilmed June 2012809795557995455060
% microfilmed to current standards7896.039555799525500

Australian Newspaper Plan - Key Indicator 3 Graph 2

Key Indicator 3 Graph 2: Percentage of hard copy newspaper titles which have been microfilmed: progress over the past 4 years
% microfilmed June 20092595956060954560
% microfilmed June 20105396956060954560
% microfilmed June 20116296.8955562955060
% microfilmed June 2012809795557995455060


Five Year Plan reporting: Of the 89 ‘at risk’ newspapers listed in the Five Year Plan (2010-2015; Appendix A), 87 have been microfilmed, one has been filmed for part of the designated date range and one is yet to be filmed.

Key Indicator 4: Digitisation

The number of digitised newspapers which are being made accessible through Trove has been steadily growing, reaching 282 at the end of June 2012. A comparison of the total number of newspapers accessible through Trove in June 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 is shown graphically below.

Australian Newspaper Plan - Key Indicator 4 Graph 1

Key Indicator 4 Graph 1: Comparison of the total number of newspapers titles digitised and accessible through Trove in June 2009, 2010, 2011 and June 2012


Titles of all Australian newspapers known to be digitised at 30 June 2012 are given in Appendices E (titles accessible through Trove) and F (titles known to be digitised but not available through Trove). Over 2011/12, the total number of newspapers which have been digitised, but are not available through Trove, is 50 (last year: 52).[2]

This year, the NLA undertook a short project which aimed to examine the issues associated with digitising community language newspapers. The following newspapers, amounting to approximately 12,000 pages, were delivered through Trove: Adelaider Deutsche Zeitung (1851 and 1860-62); Suedaustralische Zeitung/ Südaustralische Zeitung (1850-1851); Süd-Australische Zeitung (1860-1874); Il Giornale Italiano(1932-1940); and Meie Kodu(1949-1954). A report analysing the issues, considerations and specifications for digitisation of community language newspapers was prepared and recommendations for future work in this area were developed.

Five year plan reporting: A goal of the current Five Year Plan (Appendix A) is to contribute all digitised newspaper content to the ANDP as outlined in the NLA’s Contributor Guidelines. That the number of newspapers digitised outside this framework has not increased indicates the success of ANPlan libraries’ endeavours to communicate the benefits of digitising newspapers through the ANDP.

Australian Newspaper Plan - Key Indicator 4 Graph 2

Key Indicator 4 Graph 2: Total number of newspapers digitised
accessible through Trove5588371727106240
not accessible through Trove01111343000


Another goal of the current Five Year Plan is to provide and maintain digital access to those titles and corresponding date ranges listed in the ANDP, Phase 1. Of the 107 titles listed, 102 have been completed and the other five will be investigated further with a view to digitisation in the near future.

[1] i.e. microfilmed onto polyester with three generations of microfilm produced and of a quality suitable to support subsequent digitisation and OCR.

[2] Three newspapers previously listed, the Warragul Guardian and West Gippsland Gazette and the Nambour Chronicle have now been made available through Trove; the Geelong Times has recently been digitised outside the ANDP framework.