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September 1908


Murchison Advocate, 12 September 1908


The Murchison Advocate, 26 September 1908


Albury Daily News, 5 September 1908


Goulburn Evening Penny Post, 12 September 1908



August 1908


The Wagga Advertiser, 6 August 1908.


The Wagga Advertiser, 15 August 1908


The Wangaratta Chronicle, 13 August 1908


The Wangaratta Chronicle, 13 August 1908



July 1908


Sydney Daily Telegraph, 2 July 1908


Personal and Missing Friends, Sydney Daily Telegraph, 7 July 1908


Sydney Daily Telegraph, 8 July 1908


Shoalhaven and Nowra News, 4 July 1908


June 1908


Why the brigade didn't go, The Sydney Star, 2 June 1908


Ostrich farm, The Dubbo Liberal, 13 June 1908


May 1908


Abusive Language, The West Australian, 7 May 1908


Phrenologist, The West Australian, 8 May 1908


April 1908


Death after eating Quinces, Adelaide Advertiser, 1 April 1908


Servant's wages, Adelaide Advertiser, 3 April 1908


Equestriennes, Queanbeyan Age, 3 April 1908


Tenders for Music, Queanbeyan Age, 14 April 1908


March 1908


Encourage local enterprise, Port Fairy Gazette, 3 March 1908


Pony races, Port Fairy Gazette, 6 March 1908


Local and General news, Port Fairy Gazette, 6 March 1908


Brief news, Port Fairy Gazette, 13 March 1908


February 1908


election notice, Brisbane Courier Mail, Feb 1908


Queenslanders would do well to note these facts. At the present moment there are 137 candidates out stumping this good country from the Pacific Ocean to the border, talking tons to the square inch as to how the country should be governed. Now, if every one of these orators were to allow one half-hour in all their addresses to educate the people up to the point of consuming the goods manufactured in Queensland, their own country (especially REFEREE, the locally made tobacco), they would be doing a dead certain good to the people. They would only have to demonstrate the fact that Queenslanders are sending away from Queensland every year £ 5,500,000, the yearly smoke bill, every penny of which would be retained as a result of this half-hour's help, and Queensland would be saved from the fate of being a dependency of Melbourne and Sydney through the people standing up for the goods made in their own country, by their own people. Then these 137 men could honestly say they had done good to Queensland, as the £ 5,500,000 would be spent in smoking REFEREE, the local tobacco, and no other.

Yours truly, QUEENSLANDER.

Brisbane Courier Mail, 3 February 1908, p.7


excerpt from the Bulletin, Feb 1908

It was at the expense of Justice Owen, just retired from the N.S.W. Bench, that Julian Salomons got off one of his acrid remarks. Salomons was going to argue a matter before the Full Court, and an attendant staggered in with a barrow-load of books, which he set out in front of the K.C. "What, S'Julian! Going to quote from all those?" said Owen, pleasantly. "Not if you Honor knows the law," answered the privileged freelance, just as pleasantly. But, though there was pleasantness all round, the subject was allowed to drop suddenly.

The Bulletin, 20 February 1908, p.18



January 1908


wanted to buy: jewellery, teeth of all kinds: excerpt from the Melbourne Herald, 1908


A.-Old jewellery, teeth of all kinds; best price; parcels received. Payment of P.O. order same day. A Mitchell, 179 Russell street, city.

The Melbourne Herald, 7 January 1908, p.5

Bendigo Gold Stealers - snippet from Mt Magnet Miner and Lennonville Leader, 1908


A bitter controversy is raging in the Bendigo press concerning the Rev. Worrall's remarks on the gold stealing question. A leading member of the Miners' Association has taken an active part in the controversy, and in his last letter challenges the clergyman to fight under Marquis of Queensberry rules for L100 a-side and gate money; the whole of the money to be handed to the Watson Fund started in the city today.

Mt Magnet Miner and Lennonville Leader, 4 January 1908, p.4


snippet about Melbourne abstinence society, in Mt Magnet Miner and Lennonville Leader, 1908

According to the City Court representative of the Melbourne Total Abstinence Society, the new method of dealing with persons charged with drunkenness by allowing an offender a chance after he had signed the pledge was working well. Since October 1, when the system was adopted, 750 persons had signed the pledge, and only 121 had broken it. "That shows that some good is being effected by the system," said Mr Creswell, P.M., who thought it a far better method than that of sending the offenders to gaol.

Mt Magnet Miner and Lennonville Leader, 4 January 1908, p.5