State Library of South Australia

Accessing Newspapers at the State Library of South Australia

Information about newspapers and how to access them at the State Library of South Australia is available at:

  • Search the catalogue at the State Library of South Australia
  • SA Memory website - to find information about the history of South Australian newspapers and details about particular papers, click on 'Collections' and then on 'SA Newspapers'
  • See also section on Access to newspapers at this website

Digitised newspapers

Digitised South Australian newspapers are available online through Digitised newspapers on Trove. See also information about the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program.

Newspaper titles recently microfilmed

Titles routinely microfilmed

  • Advertiser 2013 (36 reels)
  • Sunday Mail 2013 (12 reels)
  • SA Messenger Press and regional newspaper titles -2011 (136 reels)
  • Port Lincoln Times - 2012 (4 reels) Pre-press files written to film using archive writer.

Titles filmed in addition to routinely microfilmed titles

  • Evening Journal Jan. 1869-10 Sep. 1912 (88 reels)
  • Hills and Valley Messenger 1990-1991 (1 reel)
  • Journal 11 Sep. 1912-Dec. 1914 (8 reels)
  • Mount Barker Courier 1970 (1 reel)
  • Southern Australian 1838-1839 (1 reel) Refilmed to include missing pages and to comply with current standards.

Missing titles

An up-to-date list of missing newspapers is available on this website. Please contact the State Library if you are able to help locate these titles.

Newspapers found!

  • Adelaide Observer 1851 Early country editions have been found for 14 Jun. and 19 Jul. 1851 (no other country editions are held by the State Library of South Australia for this title).

  • South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail 1875 Fourteen missing pages of the 2 Jan. 1875 issue will be filmed and scanned by the State Library of South Australia.

  • Süd-Australische Zeitung Missing supplements have been found for 11 Nov. 1864 and 10, 17 and 24 Feb. 1865 which the State Library of South Australia will film and scan.

  • Weekly Dispatch 1856 One issue (24 May 1856).

  • Weekly Mail 1864 One issue (5 Mar. 1864).

Last updated January 2014