APAIS ceased in December 2013. It is a closed subject index to scholarly articles in the social sciences and humanities published in Australia, and to selected periodical articles, conference papers, book and newspaper articles on Australian economic, social, political and cultural affairs.

APAIS was compiled by the National Library from 1945 to 2013. Print volumes were produced from 1945 to 2000. Online coverage is predominantly 1978-2013. It consists of over 46,000 records.  APAIS is available via the Informit service from RMIT Publishing

An enhanced version of the APAIS database, Australian Public Affairs Full Text (APA-FT), is also available via Informit and provides full text coverage of selected articles from 1995 to present. Researchers in the National Library's Reading Rooms can access APA-FT through the NLA's eResources page.

Subject scope

Australian economic, social, political and cultural affairs. Within this broad statement of scope the following subject areas are recognised in APAIS:

  • Aboriginal studies, Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Agriculture - economic, social, and political aspects
  • Arts, including Graphic arts, Architecture, Music and Theatre
  • Banking, Finance, Taxation
  • Business, Accounting, Management
  • Commerce and Trade
  • Communication and Transport
  • Conservation and Environment
  • Computer applications
  • Cultural affairs
  • Defence
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Ethnic groups and Demography
  • Geography, Environment
  • Health - including Occupational health, Drug abuse, and social aspects of Medicine
  • History
  • Industry and Industrial relations
  • Language, Linguistics and Literature
  • Law
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Politics, Government, Local government, and Public administration
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Science, Technology, Research - social, economic, legal, political and cultural aspects
  • Social issues - including Welfare, Employment and Crime
  • Sociology
  • Town planning and Urban affairs
  • Women, Youth and Family

Materials covered

  • Australian scholarly journals (of which over 200 titles were indexed in depth)
  • Selected Australian non-scholarly journals
  • Selected chapters or papers from books and conference proceedings which are about Australia
  • Selected Australian electronic journals archived in PANDORA
  • Selected feature articles from Australian capital city newspapers

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Locating indexed articles

All articles indexed in APAIS are held by the National Library. Individual researchers can order copies through the National Library’s Copies Direct service. Libraries can send requests to the Library's Document Supply Service.

Many APAIS records contain links to full text articles on journal websites. The Australian Public Affairs - Full Text version of APAIS contains scanned images of articles from over 200 journals. Records are available via the Trove Search service.

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APAIS Thesaurus

Articles in APAIS were indexed using subject headings in the APAIS Thesaurus which is no longer udpated.

Sample record from Informit Online's Australian Public Affairs - Full Text database

Title: Does prison work?
Author: Saunders, Peter ; Billante, Nicole
Source: Policy (St Leonards, NSW), v.18, no.4, Summer 2002-2003 : 3-8
Journal Title: Policy (St Leonards, NSW)
Publication Year: 2003
Full Text Indicator: Yes
Full text:;res=APAFT;dn=200302200
URI Indicator: Yes
Uniform Resource Identifier:
PI Indicator: Yes
Persistent Identifier:
Subject (Major):
Crime prevention
Subject (Minor):
United States
Great Britain
New Zealand
Collation: graphs, table
ISSN: 1032-6634
Entry Month: 200303
Document Number: 200302200