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5 Million Newspaper pages!

5 Million Newspaper pages!
The latest update on the newsper digitisation project
13 May 2011

There is some excitement amongst the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program (ANDP) team today. As of this week, we’re delivering 5 Million newspaper pages through the Trove>Newspapers and more view. Apart from being a really large number of newspaper pages*, the additional significance lies in the fact that we’ve surpassed our target for this financial year by around 600,000 pages, and we still have a month and a half to go! The pages being delivered include around 230,000 pages of the Australian Women’s Weekly, with Issues dating from 1933-1983. All our content is indexed and searchable, and users can help us correct the automatically generated OCR text. A huge thank you needs to go to the tireless quality assurance staff we have working on the ANDP team, as well as all the Australian State and Territory libraries, who have loaned us the microfilm for digitisation and provided information and advice on the titles we have selected to date. We also would like to acknowledge the interest and efforts of all users who have helped us correct text in the articles. To date, their efforts have totalled over 36.5 million lines of newspapers corrected. A special mention also needs to go to the institutions and groups who have funded the digitisation of additional titles through the ANDP Contributor Model (more information can be found here). These folks have helped contribute to the content available in Trove by identifying additional titles and providing funding to ensure the content is included in our digitisation activity for the year. *rough calculations show that if you were to make a stack of the equivalent number of hardcopy pages, you’d get a tower that was about 350m high. That’s as tall as Uluru!

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