The Lost Thing

The relationship between words and pictures is one of understatement.

Much of the humour in the story develops from this as the images defy expectation, and all weird absurdities are greeted with a kind of casual disinterest from the narrator. Such a tone is consistent with the themes of the book, which deals with questions of apathy, particularly the suppression of imagination and playful distraction by pragmatism and bureaucracy, conditions that affect both a society and its individuals.

An Act of Betrayal

A.L. Jackson, Australia Vindex, Sydney Punch, 21 March 1868

On 12 March 1868 a man called Henry O’Farrell shot and wounded the Prince at Clontarf in Sydney. The prince’s life was saved when the bullet was deflected by his Indian rubber braces.

Risks of the job

What are acceptable risks you would take in a job? During my career in the library sector, I have gotten more than a few paper cuts, and once had a mishap with a pencil that entailed a rush to the doctor to remove a lead stuck under my fingernail. Therefore, it is with some awe that I examine the life of Frank Hurley, who seemed to willingly throw himself in front of trains, into Antarctic waters, and in the line of enemy fire, all in pursuit of the perfect photograph.

Inked Play

Have you ever tried to talk to children about current affairs, politics or history? How did it go? 

Presenting these subjects in easily accessible chunks is quite difficult, and a challenge professional cartoonists know very well. How do they condense a complex idea or event down into one simple drawing?

The 'book nook' of Inked Play

The most wondrous part of our globe

Photographer Frank Hurley is a perennial favourite. A prolific photographer and traveller, his work covers everything from life in Australia in the early twentieth century, to the events of both World Wars. His adventures in Antarctica, alongside heroes like Earnest Shackleton and Douglas Mawson, make him beloved by many.

Inked Australian Cartoons

Inked: Australian Cartoons is the Library’s new exhibition about the history of Australian political cartooning. Drawn from the Library’s extensive collection of over 14,000 cartoons, the exhibition travels through time from the 1780s back to the present, providing a series of snapshots of major events and personalities from Australian history.

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