Luminous World revealed!

Luminous World revealed!
Go behind the scenes to see how we installed our latest exhibition.
6 May 2014

It’s not every day that we get to peek inside the mysterious world of corporate collections. Even those of us who work in the cultural sector are rarely privy to the significant pieces that are spirited away after high profile auctions, or have been sitting in storage for decades as their asset value appreciates.

Not so however, for the Wesfarmers Collection! The exhibition Luminous World now on display at the National Library shines a light on the artists, themes and works represented in one of Australia’s premier corporate collections. Bright, colourful, eerie and hypnotic the team and I had fun unwrapping each little surprise. And now it’s all here, waiting for you!

In Australia we are fortunate that our important corporate art collections often open their doors and send their collections out into the world to be ogled, coveted and rightfully placed in the public consciousness. We have national institutions to gather and safeguard our cultural heritage for everyone. But pieces in corporate collections round out our creative story and by sharing this exhibition, Wesfarmers are giving us a chance to widen our spectrum.

See more works in Luminous World at the exhibition highlights page.

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Rather quick and disjointed. Slowing the frames occasionally would herald one aspect, at least, and overcome the monotony of the music and continual fast forward.