Where older is better

Staff from the Library's Preservation Services Branch, with the assistance of two wonderful volunteers, are currently cleaning the books held in our Rare Books stack. For me, this is a thrilling activity, as I am fascinated by the European Middle Ages. When I open a book that was printed before 1650AD, the quality and condition of the paper never ceases to amaze me. It is not often that we associate the word 'old' with 'beautiful', 'perfect' and 'the best', but when it comes to paper, this is absolutely the case.

Re-binding stories of voyages bound to Australia

The National Library of Australia is home to many wonderful books. They lend themselves perfectly as objects to hold and study but not easy to capture using the digitisation process. Therefore, I felt extremely lucky to be selected to work on items for digitisation from the unique Shipboard Journal Collection held in the Manuscript section of the Library. This blog will focus on the conservation of some of these journals with a brief discussion of the Edith Gedge Journal, 1808-1987. 

2014 Community Heritage Grants

What do Berrima, the Benedictine Community of New Norcia, Thredbo and Wangaratta have in common? Community groups from all these places have received Community Heritage Grants (CHG) to assist them to care for their unique collections. In fact, over 1000 organisations have shared in almost $5 million of funding since 1994. Community Heritage Grants are used to assist with the preservation of, and improved access to locally owned, publicly accessible and  nationally significant collections.

Conserving the Proeschel Atlas: bindings

This is the final blogpost in this series on the Proeschel Atlas Conservation Project. This post focuses on some of the different book conservation repair techniques undertaken on each of the three copies of Frederick Proeschel’s Atlas of Australasia, 1863. The aim is to return the binding structures to a physically stable condition for readers accessing the atlases within the map reading room of the National Library of Australia.

Cleaning in the Rare Books stack

We have books here; we have millions of books, and like books anywhere, they gather dust. A special project has just begun to protect and prevent further damage to our Rare Books. With the collaboration of the  volunteers at the Library, Preservation staff will be visiting and dusting books in the Rare Book Stack.

Introducing the Proeschel Atlas conservation project

The National Library of Australia holds a significant collection of bound and loose maps produced by the Melbourne-based, 19th century Cartographer, Frederick Proeschel (1809-1870). In 2012 a project was proposed for the conservation treatment of this collection and funding was obtained from the Development Office of The National Library.


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