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A few of our favourite things

A few of our favourite things
The Trove team takes you through some new features in Trove 7
25 February 2016

To celebrate the release of Trove 7, we have come up with a list of features that we love and that we think you will be very happy to see in the new Trove interface.


I love that the new display settings option in newspapers and gazette support committed Trove users. Using this little panel you can:

• choose between two colour schemes

• change the font style and size for text correcting

• set the zoom level for the newspaper image (how big or small it appears).

Image of Trove's display settings

Change the display settings in newspaper and gazette by clicking on the cog icon

The best part is that they are your settings—they are saved and attached to your profile. So if you’re one of those people who expand the newspaper image to the maximum every time you start text correcting, you won’t need to anymore. My hope is that this is the kind of feature that people will use once and then forget that it is there because the settings are always exactly the same each time.


My favourite change is the improvement to 'Lists' in newspapers. When adding an article to a list, the first option will always be the most recent list. This is handy if you have a lot of lists and are currently working on a new one, you don’t need to scroll through all you list to find the right one, it’s right there at the top. If your list reaches the limit of 1000 items, it will grey out and not allow you to add a new article—previously you would receive a confusing error message.


I’m thrilled to see the 'People' zone receive two new facets to help refine a search. Recently I was trying to search for a painter ‘Grace …’, I just couldn’t remember her last name. A search for Grace now gives me the chance to narrow down my search to painters and there she is: Grace Cossington Smith.

Image of search for the word Grace in TroveScroll down to view all of the results for your search in Trove's people zone

The other big change is ‘Related to’. This will help Trove users find all the people profiles related to a certain institution, or person. To find all the people who’ve worked at, studied at, or helped build the University of Melbourne you would select ‘University of Melbourne’; for everyone who has performed in a Rogers & Hammerstein musical select Hammerstein, Oscar and so on until you find the right person.


I’m looking forward to the new 'Government Gazettes' zone. While I was working as a reference librarian, we would often have researchers come into the Library who needed to refer to government gazettes. Researchers would often call up trolley loads of books or have to travel deep down into the bowels of the Library just to find an elusive mention or small aside that was buried amongst the tomes of text. While this form of research remains an adventure for some, it is not the most time effective method. With all printed copies of NSW Government Gazette not only viewable but also searchable, online researchers can have virtually instant access to all of the years in which the Gazette was printed.


I like the new look of newspaper coverage page, showing the newspapers which have been digitised by title and year. In the old system as you moved down the list the years vanished from view. Now as you scroll through the titles you can still see the dates and a large clear block showing which years are covered. 

You can browse through a complete list of available newspapers by selecting 'Which newspapers have been digitised' link on the newspaper home page.


For me the best new features of Trove 7 are the changes that have been made to text correction. We have constantly been asked for the ability to add missing lines to an article and until now the only way to do that has been through adding that text to another line. Changes to text correction allow missing lines to be added in the correct locations. Changes to the way that text correction is handled on the server side also means that errors when saving corrections should be a thing of the past, allowing for a significantly improved user experience.


My favourite feature in Trove 7 is the new browse and filter for digitised newspapers and gazettes. Users can view all types of content and filter titles alphabetically, by State, Date and Category. We have added jump off points in the browse hierarchy that allow you to view a title’s information page and also navigate straight to a particular page or article. When viewing an article, you can jump back into the browse panel and continue exploring the vast array of titles in the collection.

For more information on browsing in Trove 7 check out our Help page.


Sometimes, when things are changing, it’s good to celebrate the things that remain the same. There are many, many things I love about Trove that aren’t changing, in particular I like that I can still find so many of my favourite stories:

  • There’s Peter the stuffed dog that played an important part in a murder trial.
  • There’s the Elegant Elephant who’s been stitched together by many a knitter.
  • There’s Ethel May Punshon, ‘Aunty Monty’ who looked after Japanese internees during the Second World War.
  • There are also the lists made by Trove’s users on an incredible range of topics, including mowers, needlework and, of course, families.

We wish you happy Troveing amidst both the new and the old.

Exciting times ahead and LOTS of lack of sleep and housework!
I have been really looking forward to the Government Gazettes as they are essential tools for research into land history and also industrial history.
Please amend that last comment to 'Trovelling', its a new word for 'Trov-le-dytes'.
I'm a librarian, and in my opinion Trove is THE BEST thing the National Library has ever done. Congratulations to the Library and its Trove team. Fantastic!
Why the hell can't I read articles when I download them as PDF's when previously I could? The error message about going to adobe.com to download new fonts is complete rubbish. And why has the CONTACT US been closed off? Are they embarrassed?
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