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Get your animation on

Get your animation on
Make GIFs with Trove for GIF IT UP 2017
26 September 2017

In October, Trove will be giving you the chance to enter the 2017 GIF IT UP competition, and also be in the running to design the Library's Christmas eCard. Find an image in the public domain, or with an open license and create your own GIF. Prizes, fame and glory await!

A GIF is an image file that has been animated in some way and loops continuously. Using a few free tools, anyone can make one. 

We are involved for the third year in a row, along with our cousins from across the ponds – EuropeanaDigital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Digital NZ. This year's GIF IT UP competition is also supported by GIPHY, the world's largest library of animated GIFs.

Seal balancing ball gif

GIF created from: Fairfax Corporation (1928), Ball being thrown to a seal on a step ladder at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, 16 May 1928. http:/​/​nla.gov.au/​nla.obj-162536850 

What are the rules?

Before you start GIFing, please read the competition rules.

The image or images you choose must:

  • be in the public domain; or
  • have rights statements that indicate they are out of copyright; or
  • have Creative Commons licences that allow re-use and adaptation.

Which image should I choose?

To help you select an image, we’ve put together some themed lists. Maybe you’ll want to bring some of the following to life:

Tools of the trade

If you need tips on making a GIF, there are great tutorials on the GIF IT UP resources page that use free software, or free in-browser tools. GIPHY recommends: 

  • GIF Maker – manually convert videos into GIFs and add text
  • Slideshow – turn a series of still images into a GIF or combine GIFs
  • GIF Caption – add animated captions and stickers to GIFs
  • GIF Editor – add animated stickers, filters and captions to GIFs
  • GIPHY Capture – the best (and only) GIF maker on your desktop
  • GIPHY CAM – the only GIF camera you’ll ever need; perfect for live event coverage

Bonus: Christmas at the National Library

The National Library of Australia has added a special quest as part of this year’s competition - help us celebrate Christmas by creating a GIF from the Library's collection. It will go in the running to be the face of Christmas at the Library: an electronic eCard we send to the people and organisations that support the Library. We’ve put together a handy little list of the images we’d like you to choose from. We’ll give a Trove prize pack to the top five entrants and your entry will still be in the running for all the prizes for the overall GIF IT UP competition. Just tag your entry #NLAecard as well as #GIFITUP2017.

Santa Claus images

 Collingridge, Alexander (-1942), Santa Claus at Canberra Airport, 1929. http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-142652443

What could I win?

New prizes for first time GIF-makers! Prizes for each theme! A People’s Choice award! All this could be yours!

  • The Grand Prize for GIF IT UP 2017 is an Electric Object sponsored by GIPHY.
  • The People’s Choice winner receives a Giphoscope.
  • Trove prize pack (first five entrants for the National Library eCard competition).
  • Awe and admiration from the Trove community.

Share your creation

Once you’ve made it, share it. Tweet your GIF to us @TroveAustralia and we’ll share it with everyone. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GIFITUP2017. All eligible entries will also be showcased on the GIPHY channel dedicated to the competition.

Enter the competition

The competition opens on October 1. When your GIF is ready to submit, visit the competition page.

Good luck to all!

Picture of a girl holding a cat on a tray

Could this cat and girl be the face of Christmas at the National Library?
Cazneaux, Harold. (1906). Hazel Barnett with cat sitting on a tray, North Sydney, 1906. http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-144126443


What a wonderful challenge!
If you showed this to DICK SMITH, he'd say Harold Cazneaux was his uncle.