Holdings by Type (as at end of 2018-19)

Total 7,717,579
Manuscripts (shelf space in metres) 17,950
(including microforms, e-books & ephemera)
Serials (including newspapers) 1
Serials, Current 36,421
Oral History recordings  24,403
Music scores 236,452
Pictures 1,555,607
Maps 782,249
Aerial photographs 862,316
Digitised collection items 2 406,055

1. Figures reflect number of titles rather than number of issues.
2. See Digitisation of Library Collections for further information.

Number of records in the Library's Online Catalogue

As at the end of 2018-19, 94.1% of the collection is catalogued and searchable through the online catalogue.

Total 5,453,888
Monographs (including microforms, e-books & kits) 4,532,617
Serials 357,182
Manuscripts 18,406
Oral history 21,701
Music scores 158,554
Pictures 238,660
Maps (including aerial photographs) 126,768

Note: There is no direct correlation between the Holdings and the Number of records in the catalogue as in some instances one catalogue record covers multiple collection items while in other instances several catalogue records describe multiple parts of a single item.