Recipients of the National Library of Australia Asia Study Grants undertake research relating to Asia through intensive use of our rich and varied Asian language and Asia-related collections.

2019 Asia Study Grant Recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Ms Thi Huyen Linh Nguyen (University of Wollongong)
Mediascapes and national imaginaries: LGBT characters in media in Vietnam

Mr Ravando Lie (University of Melbourne)
Re-Examining the Voices of Progressive Chinese-Indonesian Nationalists: The History of Sin Po, 1910-1965

Mr Bernard Keo (Monash University)
Cosmopolitan Lives: The Peranakan Chinese in Southeast Asia, 1918-1937

Ms Kwannie Krairit (University of Wollongong)
Reading and Re-creating: The Adaptation of Shōnen Manga in Thailand

Mr Atsushi Yamagata (University of Wollongong)
Japanese responses to refugees

Supported by Alice Wong

Dr Yichi Zhang (University of Technology Sydney)
Intertwining modernities: shaping the urbanism of China mercantile

Supported by Professor Kent Anderson

Associate Professor Melissa Crouch (University of New South Wales)
Legal Legacies of Authoritarian Regimes: The Role of Courts in Myanmar

Supported by private funders

Dr Steven Farram (Charles Darwin University)
Social and political dimensions of Indonesian and Timor-Leste popular music, 1960s-1980s

Associate Professor Thomas Barker (Independent scholar, QLD)
Debating National Cinema in Indonesia: 1950 to 1965

Mr Toshiki Asakura-Ward (University of Adelaide)
A Biography of the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery: Memorialisation of 'Foreigners' since the Meiji Era

Supported by BMY Group

Ms Shan Windscript (University of Melbourne)
Discourse of Diary-Writing and Ideals of Socialist Selfhood in Maoist China, c1950s-1976

Supported by Global Business College of Australia

Dr Sanzhuan Guo (Flinders University)
Dual nationality, overseas China and international relations: past, present and future

Professor Louise Edwards (University of New South Wales)
Peace and pacifism in China

Dr Lintao Qi (Monash University)
Literature in the service of cultural diplomacy: patronage and the circulation of China literature

Supported by Manors Gate Group

Mrs Rebecca Hausler (University of Queensland)
Japan's literary ghosts: The haunting of theatrical productions depicting wartime internment

Honorary Grant Recipients

Dr Shengyu Fan (Australian National University)
The Story of the Stone’s Journey to the West