Recipients of the National Library of Australia Asia Study Grants undertake research relating to Asia through intensive use of our rich and varied Asian language and Asia-related collections.

2018 Grant Recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Professor John Crossley, Victoria: The Earliest History of the Spanish Philippines

Dr Joost Coté, Victoria: Colonial knowledge: Constructing a ‘science’ of the East Indies, 1850-1910

Dr Emma Dalton, Victoria: Gender and the Japan Self-Defense Forces

Ms Debbie Chan, Western Australia: The “Zero” Masculinity of the Modern Boy: Contesting the Meaning of Modern Boy:  Contesting the Meaning of Modern Masculinity in Interwar Japan

Mr Oscar Jr Sequina, Victoria: Trainable Tongues: Pedagogical and Performative Sites of Speech in the Philippines

Supported by Alice Wong

Mr Kent Wan, Queensland: The Rise of Hong Kong Identity Political Conflicts in the Colony, 1949-1989

Supported by Professor Kent Anderson

Dr Vannessa Hearman, Northern Territory: From Dili to Darwin: The 1995 voyage of the Tasi Diak asylum seeker boat and its aftermath

Supported by private funders

Dr Alistair Welsh, Victoria: Australia’s Forgotten Coco Islanders: Historical Migrations, Cultural Identity and Citizenship

Dr Hironori Onuki, New South Wales: The Politics of Temporary Worker Programs in Contemporary Japan

Supported by Global Business College of Australia

Dr Yingchi Chu, Western Australia: Chinese Cartoons as Visual Discourse

Ms Xiaoqing Kong, Queensland: Dwelling in Shenzhen: Development of Living Environment from 1979 to 2018

Mr Shensi Yi, New South Wales: Young Revolutionaries in the Cosmopolitan Metropolis: Shanghai’s Local Communists, 1920 – 1935

Honorary Grant Recipients

Dr Olivier Krischer, Australian Capital Territory: Picturing China for the World – Stanley O. Gregory, Kelly & Walsh publishers and photographic books in 1920s-30s China

Dr Rina Kikuchi, Australian Capital Territory: Japanese Women’s Poetry before and during the Asia-Pacific War of World War II