The National Library of Australia is pleased to announce the 2019 Asia Study Grants to undertake research relating to Asia through intensive use of its rich and varied Asian language and Asia-related collections.

2019 Grant Recipients

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust

Ms Thi Huyen Linh Nguyen, University of Wollongong (New South Wales): Mediascapes and national imaginaries: LGBT characters in media in Vietnam

Mr Ravando Lie, University of Melbourne (Victoria):  Re-Examining the Voices of Progressive Chinese-Indonesian Nationalists: The History of Sin Po, 1910-1965

Mr Bernard Keo, Monash University (Victoria):  Cosmopolitan Lives: The Peranakan Chinese in Southeast Asia, 1918-1937

Ms Kwannie Krairit, University of Wollongong (New South Wales):  Reading and Re-creating: The Adaptation of Shōnen Manga in Thailand

Mr Atsushi Yamagata, University of Wollongong (New South Wales): Japanese responses to refugees

Supported by Alice Wong

Dr Zhang Yichi, University of Technology Sydney (New South Wales):  Intertwining modernities: shaping the urbanism of China mercantile

Supported by Professor Kent Anderson

Associate Professor Melissa Crouch, University of New South Wales (New South Wales): Legal Legacies of Authoritarian Regimes: The Role of Courts in Myanmar

Supported by private funders

Dr Steven Farram, Charles Darwin University (Northern Territory):  Social and political dimensions of Indonesian and Timor-Leste popular music, 1960s-1980s

Associate Professor Thomas Barker, Independent scholar, Brisbane (Queensland):  Debating National Cinema in Indonesia: 1950 to 1965

Mr Toshiki Asakura-Ward, University of Adelaide (South Australia): A Biography of the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery: Memorialisation of 'Foreigners' since the Meiji Era

Supported by BMY Group

Ms Shan Windscript, University of Melbourne (Victoria): Discourse of Diary-Writing and Ideals of Socialist Selfhood in Maoist China, c1950s-1976

Supported by Global Business College of Australia

Dr Sanzhuan Guo, Flinders University (South Australia): Dual nationality, overseas China and international relations: past, present and future

Professor Louise Edwards, University of New South Wales (New South Wales): Peace and pacifism in China

Dr Lintao Qi, Monash University (Victoria): Literature in the service of cultural diplomacy: patronage and the circulation of China literature

Supported by Manors Gate Group

Mrs Rebecca Hausler, University of Queensland (Queensland):  Japan's literary ghosts: The haunting of theatrical productions depicting wartime internment

Honorary Grant Recipients

Dr Shengyu Fan, Australian National University (Australian Capital Territory):  The Story of the Stone’s Journey to the West