Monday 6 May 2013

Q.1. Is there a limit to liability per item ? As this appears to be at odds with schedule 3.3 Risk Management clause 2.3 which would apply liquidated damages capped at $200.00 per item , I'm just trying to understand if we are liable under 1 or both clauses .

The limit to liability for one Library item is $200. This amount applies to whether there is damage to one or more Library collection items. In the instance of a full truckload of Library collection items being damaged, the average number of Library collection items on a truck is 1800 items so the successful contractor would require insurance to the value of $360,000. Transit Insurance is the relevant category of insurance for this instance.

Q.2. Currently is there any type of process in place whereby material is viewed prior to relocation to establish if there is any pre-existing damage to a collection item ?

Yes. There will be the opportunity for the successful contractor to inspect Library material prior to relocation to establish if there is any pre-existing damages to any collection items.

Q.3. For internal moving of collections at Parkes , does the existing provider tend to use their own Library trolleys or is the Libraries own equipment made available.

The Library does not have any book moving equipment and requires the successful Contractor/s to provide all required equipment.