When you have had a preservation needs assessment of your collection, you may then apply for funding to undertake the projects recommended in your report. Eligible conservation and collection management projects such as treatments and housing, digitisation and software purchases are listed below.

Treatments and Housing

  • Collection rehousing and storage
  • Conservation treatment
  • Environmental control and/or monitoring equipment
  • Reformatting of original material for preservation and access purposes and ongoing planning for the collection's maintenance.

Digitisation projects

Recipients of digitisation funding are encouraged to upload images to their publically accessible websites and to contribute their digitised collections to Trove. Applications for digitisation of original materials for preservation and access purposes should note:

  • Preservation of original materials must occur prior to digitisation.
  • A plan for the ongoing management of digital copies must be included.
  • Applicants must include their budgeted plan (with supporting quotes) for the digitisation process including arrangements for scanning, back-up procedures, and access to the digitised records in local systems, as well as discovery in larger systems like Trove.
  • The project must comply with Australian copyright law.
  • Consideration should be given to outsourcing the digitisation which may be more cost effective.


Organisations may apply for the purchase of cataloguing or collection management software irrespective of whether significance or preservation needs assessments have been conducted. Applicants should demonstrate that they have researched software options and considered ongoing expenses such as licensing costs, upgrades and technical assistance.